When you join us here at the EFL University in Hyderabad, you come to a city that is more than four hundred years old. The institution you come to is two years old as the EFL University; but it is now fifty years old as CIEFL! You will notice that the new name, EFL (pronounced “ii-fl”), is contained in the old name CIEFL (pronounced “sii-fl”), even as the new institution has emerged out of the old, with a renewed commitment to academic excellence. (CI)EFL is well known to the outside world. Scholars who have studied here can be found in high academic or other positions in India and abroad. Our M.A. students too can be found pursuing their studies at other excellent institutions in India, or abroad. The EFL University can take you very far in your chosen line of study or specialization. If you are learning a foreign language, you can start from zero level and go as far as the Ph.D. degree. If you are doing English, you can now start with a B.A. and again get as far as the Ph.D. There are many routes you can take towards your specialization, and there are many other courses of study as well. In this website, you will find all the essential information you need in order to decide on a course of study and join us.

Why were we instituted in the first place?

We were set up in 1958 as the Central Institute of English. In April 1972, the Institute broadened its scope to include the major foreign languages, and was renamed the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages. In recognition of its high standards of excellence, the University Grants Commission accorded it the status of a deemed university in July 1973. This was CIEFL.

The English and Foreign Languages University is a Central University that was created by an Act of the Indian Parliament in December 2006. The Act came into force on August 3, 2007. The EFL University will build upon the achievements of CIEFL, and significantly expand its activities on the national and global stage. Its mandate is to advance and disseminate “instructional, research and extension facilities in the teaching of English and Foreign Languages and Literatures in India” as well as “to take appropriate measures for interdisciplinary studies and research in Literary and Cultural Studies, and to develop critical intercultural understanding of civilizations.” The university is committed to the principles of inclusive and cosmopolitan growth.

About Hyderabad

Before you decide to study in the EFL University, you will want to have some information about the city. Hyderabad, which is the capital of the state of Andhra Pradesh, consists of three distinct urban centres: Old Hyderabad (also called the Old City), which was the centre of the Nizam’s rule until 1947, when it became part of the Republic of India; New Hyderabad, which is the seat of the present State government; and Secunderabad, which began as a British settlement, and is a modern industrial metropolis. Once you settle down at the EFL University, you must take a one-day guided tour of Hyderabad, and acquaint yourself with its sights and sounds, its stories and histories. You will find yourself crisscrossing the streets of Koti and Abids, looking at secondhand books and bargaining for favourable prices! In the evening, you may find yourself jostled about by shoppers in Sultan Bazaar. If you are a poet, you might write a poem entitled “In the Bazaars of Hyderabad” as one poet did, not so long ago!