English language teaching

Professor Dr. Maya Pandit Narkar


MA, MAAL (Reading)
PHDTE, M Litt, Ph D (Shivaji)

Contact Details

Telephone:  09949470434
Email: mayapandit@gmail.com


I studied in Shivaji University Kolhapur CIEFL, HYd. And Reading Univ. UKCompleted PhD in 1990. Also did an online course in Teaching Young Learners from Maryland Univ. USA. I worked as an Asst. professor and Associate professor in Shivaji Univ. Kolhapur and now I am a Professor in CIEFL/EFL-U Hyderabad.


At Post graduate and Research level; also teacher training and Development programmes

Research Interests

ELT, Feminist Studies, Translation Studies Research Supervision: M. Phil: 11 ; Ph D.: 5 : 4 projects that you are part of: CPD of Teachers of Engoish”, British Council, New Delhi 2012-13


A. Books

i. Gopal Ganesh Agarkar, New Delhi: Sahitya Akademi, 2014

ii. Adventures with Grammar, Book 6 & Book 7 , Oxford University Press, 2015

B. Major Translations Published:

i. Saniya’s novel Tyanantar publiched as Thereafter , OUP, 2013

ii. Sanjay Pawar’s Kon Mhanto Takka Dila as Pass the Buck on Brother, New Delhi: DK print world (2013)

iii. Jayant Pawar’s play Adhantar as The Nowhere People New Delhi: DK print world (2013)

iv. Baby Kamble’s Jina Amucha as Prisons we Broke, Chennai: Orient Blackswan 2008, 2011 (2nd ed)

v. Urmila Pawar’s Aaydan as Weave of My life, Kolkata, Stree, 2008

vi. Mahatma Phule’s Gulamgiri as Slavery, Left Word 2003

Awards and Memberships

i. British Council 1981

ii. Two Minor Research Project Grants: 1989 and 2005

iii. Nida UGC School of Translation Studies, Milano, Italy 2010

iv. British Council, New Delhi 2011

iv. Charles Wallace Trust India Fellowship, Univ. of East Anglia, UK 2012

Conferences, seminars, lectures, invited talks


• Delivered a paper in the national seminar on ‘Women’s Movement and Anna Bhau Sathe’ in the seminar on Anna Bhau Sathe held at Shivaji University, Kolhapur, on 1 August 2014

• Delivered Key Note address ‘ Feminist Literary Criticism in the Indian Context’ in the national Seminar of Feminism held at Gujrat University Anand, 12 September 2014

• Presented a plenary session ‘Dalit women’s self narratives’ in the national seminar at DAV College, Yamunagar Haryana

• Presented a paper ‘Talking Back: A Feminist Reading of dalit Women’s Self Narratives’ in a seminar on Writing from the Margins Hyderabad Central University, 30-31 October 2014

• Presented a plenary talk on “Explorations in the ‘in-between’ spaces in Theatre Translation, in the International seminar on Literary Translation: Theory and Practice, organized by the Department of English, Rajasthan University, Rajasthan, on Dec 4-6, 2014

• Delivered the Key note address on Feminism Theory and Practice in the national seminar on ‘Developments in Feminist Theory organized by the Department of English, Shivaji University, Kolhapur 23 January 2015

Professor Dr. Julu Sen  



Contact Details

Telephone:  040-27098882/+919704688058
Email: senjulu@yahoo.com , julu1231@rediffmail.com


I studied at St. George’s Girls’ Grammar School, Hyderabad, from 1959-1968, In 1969-70 we were transferred to Bhubaneswar and I studied at St. Joseph’s Convent, Bhubaneswar, and passed I.S.C from the same school. As my father worked in Geological Survey of India, he had a transferable service. So we were transferred to Calcutta and I did B.A Honours from Bethune College, Calcutta. Then the Hills of Meghalaya beckoned and I did my M.A from N.E.H.U Shillong, on my return from Shillong, I did B.ed from Calcutta. Simultaneously, I did PGCTE from CIEFL, and later M.Litt on a faculty improvement programme.

Completing my PhD in“Understanding Teachers’ Professional Growth through their articulation of Personal Practical Knowledge” through a narrative mode of inquiry and case studies was a learning experience, in 2000.

I was awarded the British Scholarship in ELT, under the Technical Cooperation Training Award Scheme of the British Council in 1986-87 and did M.A in applied Linguistics at the University of Essex.

I was instrumental in setting up the Sri Lanka India Centre for English Language Training in 2009-2010, and was an academic co-ordinator of B.ed, PGCTE, ITP and other programmes.


1. Professor of English EFL-U/Adm/F.1412/2008/554.

11 sept,2008--Till Date in EFL University. Involved in teaching and guiding M.A, B.ed, PGCTE,PGDTE,&Ph.D students.

2. Reader in English

CIEFL. Involved in teaching and guiding M.A, B.ed, PGCTE,PGDTE,&Ph.D students.

3. Senior Lecturer in English

CIEFL. Teaching students through the distance mode. Besides, I’m involved in the International Training Programme (ITP) in the courses on ‘English for Professionals’.

4.Lecturer in English

From 9th March,1990, Institute of English,Calcutta. Trained Post-Graduate,pre and in-service,teachers, who taught English in various schools in West Bengal.

5. Lecturer in English

From 1st June 1988 to 6th March 1990. Institute of English,Calcutta. Trained Post-Graduate,pre and in-service,teachers, who taught English in various schools in West Bengal.

6. Lecturer in English

From 6th July 1981 to 31st May 1988, Kalna College, University of Burdevan. Taught undergraduates English Honours, and pass Classes at Kalna College, University of Burdavan.

Research Interests

1. Teacher Development

2. English Language Teaching

3. Testing Language and Literature

4. Curriculum Studies and Materials Production

5. English for Specific Purposes

6. English for Professionals

7. Qualitative Research Methodology

8. Distance Education

9. Translation

10. Applied Linguistics.

Research Project Undertaken.

“Feasibility of Testing Listening and Speaking in the Schools of Central Province in Sri-Lanka”, from December 2009 to December 2010. 50 Schools in Central Province of Sri- Lanka were the beneficiaries, and Participated in the study. (Unpublished Report, given to the Ministry of Education, Sri Lanka from The Ministry of External Affair, India).


Sen, Julu 1986

A Proposal for an Oral-Communication Component in the Plus-Two English Syllabus in West Bengal (unpublished M.Litt. Dissertation, CIEFL, Hyderabad, India).

Sen, Julu 1988

“Discovering Learning Strategies - A Comparative Study of Indian and Japanese Students”, a paper presented at the International ELT seminar on “Theory and Practice of ESL : Reconceptualising Issues for India” at CIEFL, Hyderabad from 1st to 4th February 1988.

Sen, Julu 1989 and SampaChatterjee

“A Project-proposal for a Field Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the DELT Programme, conducted by the Institute of English, Calcutta, for the Secondary School Teachers of West Bengal” - Paper presented at the British Council’s Fifth Returned Study Fellows Seminar on Management of Change in ELT, held at CFTRI, Mysore.

Sen, Julu 1989

A Review of Listening written by Anne Anderson and Tony Lynch (O.U.P. 1988) in The Focus on English, Vol.5 No.1, January 1989.

Sen, Julu 1990

A Review on Pen to Paper (1983). In a Word (1983). In the Picture (1985) written by Tricia Hedge in The Focus On English, Vol.6, No., January, 1990.

Sen, Julu 1989

Developing Self-Instructional Print Materials through the Distance-Mode”-Project for Diploma in Distance Education” Indira Gandhi National Open University, New Delhi.

Sen, Julu 1993

A Review of Evaluation by Pauline Rea-Dickens and Kevin Germaine in Focus of English, Vol.9 No.1, September, 1993.

Sen, Julu and GeetaDurairajan 1993

A Review of Research Methods in Language Teaching by David Nunan in Journal of English and Foreign Languages, December 1993.

Eapen, Rachel Lalitha and JuluSen, 1994

‘Exploring Experiential Practice through the Distance Mode,’ in Indian Journal of Open Learning, Vol.3, No.1, January, 1994.

Sen, Julu, Rahul Sharma & Anima Chakravarty, 1996

‘The Light has gone out’ : Indian Traditions in English Rhetoric. In Janet Maybin and Neil Mercer (eds.) Using English -from Conversation to Canon. London and New York: The Open University and Routledge.

Sen, Julu, 1996

Units in Materials for the Teaching of English and Methods of Teaching English for Post Graduate Certification Course in the Teaching of English (Offered through the Distance Mode) Hyderabad, C.I.E.F.L.

Sen, Julu, 2001

Understanding Teachers’ Professional Growth through their Articulation of Personal Practice Knowledge. Unpublished dissertation submitted in part requirement for the Degree of Doctor of Philosophy (English Language Teaching) at the Central Institute of English and Foreign Languages, Hyderabad, India.

Sen, Julu, 2002

“Understanding Teachers’ Professional Growth through their Articulation of Personal Practical Knowledge : Research in Progress” Journal of Education for Teaching. Vol.28, No.1. 2002, April.

Sen, Julu, 2003

‘The Way You Look’ – A simplified unit on Genetics – Secondary Course 2002 English. New Delhi: National Institute of Open Schooling.

Sen, Julu, 2003

‘Caring for Others’ – Secondary Course 2002 English. New Delhi: National Institute of Open Schooling.

Sen, Julu, 2004

“Writing” – Materials for Primary School Teachers of the District Centre Scheme, CIEFL, Hyderabad: CIEFL.

Sen, Julu, 2005

Philosophy and Sociology of Communication – Unit II PP 74 – 118. Unit II. Module II. Paper II. Post Graduate Course – M.A. in ELT Calcutta: NetajiSubhash Open University.

Sen, Julu, 2006

‘Approaches, Methods and Procedures’. Block I for Principles of Language Teaching for PGDTE. Hyderabad: EFL University.

Sen, Julu, 2008

‘ Home, Sweet Home!’ A translation of SamareshDasgupta’s ‘JanmaBhumi’. In Bashabi Fraser (ed.) Bengal Partition Stories: An Unclosed Chapter, London: Anthem Press.

Sen, Julu, 2011

Sakhina, A translation of RamkumarMukhopadhyay’s Short Story in Indian Literature: SahityaAcademi’s Bi-Monthly Journal, March-April,2011.

Sen , Julu, (Forthcoming)

Academic Writing, Calcutta: Macmillan

Sen, Julu, (Forthcoming) GESE Grades 7 and 8

Graded Examination in Listening and Spoken English. Trinity.The International Examination Board: Orient Longman.

Sen , Julu, (Forthcoming)

‘Testing Language and Literature’. M.A. in ELT. Calcutta: NetajiSubhash Open University.

Sen , Julu, (Forthcoming)

Twenty Five Short Stories of AtinBandyopadhay, New Delhi: Sahita Academy.

Awards and Memberships

I was awarded the British Scholarship in ELT in 1986-87. And went to University of Essex (UK) to do MA in Applied Linguistics.

Conferences, seminars, lectures, invited talks

(1989-2015) Presented Papers :

“A Project Proposal for a Field Evaluation of the Effectiveness of the DELT Programme,” Paper presented at the British Council’s Fifth Returned Study Fellows Seminar on Management of Change in ELT, held at CFTRI, Mysore, 1989.

“Developing skills related to Language/Literature Interface-Examination of a Process.” Paper presented at the National Seminar on Teaching Language through Literature at the Tertiary Level. Pondicherry University, January-February, 1990.

The Communication Association of Japan sought proposal for 20 minute presentation at its 20th Anniversary Convention, that was held at Meyi University, Tokyo, from 29th June 1990 to 1st July 1990. My paper on “Communication and Equality - A Comparative Study of the Communication strategies of Indian and Japanese students.’ were accepted, and was read in absentia.

2 to 6 April 1990 - Participated as a Resource Person in Orientation-cum-Training Course for External Faculty.

2 to 6 April 1990 - 5th October 1990 - Presented a paper at the National Seminar on Stylistics, Semiotics, and the Teaching of Literature, organised by the Dept. of Correspondence Courses, held at CIEFL. The paper was entitled: “Teaching of poetry through the distance - a model based on a Multi-media approach.”

22nd October 1990 - 25th October 1990 - Presented a paper at the National Seminar on Proficiency-levels.

4th February 1991 to 2nd March 1991 - At the second U.G.C.Refresher Course in English, I worked on a Project - “A Study of the Evaluation System in the Distance Mode.”

“Heterogeneity in Large Classes” - A Paper presented at a Seminar on Large Classes on 17th August 1992, at CIEFL, Hyderabad.

“Improving Test Items in a Test Development Project” - Paper presented at TESS-Seminar, Bangalore, 15th February 1993 to 19th February 1993, organised by CBSE-BCL-ODA.

Attended the International Summer Institute in Functional Linguistics from 29th July 1991 to 28th August 1991.

Acted as Resource Person for Workshops on Training the external faculty of the Dept. of Correspondence Courses, CIEFL. (1) In April 1990 (2) In October 1991.

Reported on the CIEFL-UGC-COL Workshop on the UGC Syllabus for Training Distance Education held in March 1993 (30 March 1993 - 2nd April 1993) at CIEFL, and from 10 to 12 January, 1994.

Participated in a Workshop on “Self-Instructional Materials”, conducted by David Gradoll, Open University, U.K. from 19th October 1993 to 28th October, 1993.

Participated in a Workshop on “Production of Self-Instructional Materials”, conducted by Professor Leslie Dickinson, attached to Morray House, Edinburgh, U.K. from 29th September 1993 to 1st October 1993.

Participated in a National Workshop on “Application of New Technologies in Distance Education,” held at Dr.B.R.Ambedkar Open University, Hyderabad from 12th July 1994 to 13th July 1994.

Presented a paper on “Classroom Profiles on Teachers’ Perception on Change” in the CBSE Review Workshop, held at CIEFL from 19th September 1994 to 21st September 1994.

Participated in the International Seminar on Learning by Adults in September, 1995.

Presented a paper on “A Case Study of the Professional Development of Two Teacher Trainees” at 1998 RELC Seminar on Languages Teaching: New Insights for the Language Teacher on 22 April 1998 at SEAMEO Regional Language Center, Singapore.

SenJulu, 2000. “Testing Proficiency at the Elementary Level”. Paper presented at the Seminar Language Assessment in ESL : Issues an concerns 27th - 30th September, 2000, Hyderabad : CIEFL.

Resource person at the “Communication Skills and E-Learning” workshop, held at KSR College of Arts and Science, June 2001.

As a member of the ELTI Support Committee, CIEFL, I was invited as a Resource Person to conduct a few sessions at the Orientation Course for the Resource Persons of Primary School Teachers, at the Regional Institute of English, Bangalore from 7 to 9 March, 2002.

Presented a paper on “Issues related to Pre-Determined and the Emergent Syllabus” at the Department of English, University of Hyderabad, on 3 April, 2002.

Resource person at the “Communication Skills and E-Learning” workshop, held at KSR College of Arts and Science, June 2002.

Participated in a “Workshop for course-writers of the Secondary School Curriculum in English” held on 2 November 2002 jointly organized by National Open School, New Delhi and B.R.A.O.U., Hyderabad.

Invited as a Resource Person for the British Council’s Hornby Regional Workshop for in service teachers of SAARC Countries, held at Weligama Beach Resort Hotel, Weligama, Sri Lanka, from 11 to 15 March, 2003. The broad themes of the workshop sessions were “Resourcing the Language Classroom from Multi-Cultural Education” and “English across the Curriculum”.

Participated in the “National Seminar on Teaching English at the Primary Level”, sponsored by the U.G.C. and organized at CIEFL on 3-4 Feb., 2003.

Conducted workshops on “Recent trends in developing listening, speaking, reading and writing skills” at the U.G.C. Refresher course in Linguistics, 28th October – 17th November, 2003.

Conducted workshops on “Recent trends in developing listening and reading skills” at the Training Programme for College Lectures of APTWFREI at MCR Human Resource Development Institute, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad on 26th, 27th and 30th November, 2003.

Participated in Intel’s “National meet on ICT Integration in the Teacher Training Curriculum” on 7th and 8th of December, 2004 at New Delhi, organized jointly by NCTE and Intel® Teach to the Future Pre-Service Program.

Participated in Training of Trainers (TOT) Workshop at Bangalore University for “Capacity Building of Women Mangers in Higher Education”, launched by U.G.C., from December 14th to 19th 2004.

Presented a paper on “ Developing Listening Skills in the Schools of Sri Lanka” at Speak English our way” at SrimavaBandarnaike Centre for International Relations, Colombo. 15th January, 2010

Presented a paper on “ Developing writing skills through cultural content at the National Seminar on English Language Education in India, at the University of Hyderabad. (along with Miss Aparna Reddy) on 23rd January, 2012.

Presented a paper on “Multiple Intelligences” at the UGC Refresher Course, University of Hyderabad on 29th February, 2012.

Presented a paper on “How Effective are our instruments in evaluating Teacher Performance” at the Second International Conference for English Language Teacher Educators, at Novotel, Hyderabad. Organized by the British Council, EFLU and ELTAI on 5th March,2012.

Participated at the “Round table to map Indo-UK. Collaboration in ELT” at Kolkatta organised by the British Council on 27th July,2012.

Presented a paper on “English in Multilingual Contexts (along with Ms.AmanSahni): Exploring Multiple intelligence theory in language teaching classroom – a Case study” at Eltai’s Second Regional Seminar on “ English Language Education in Current Times “ at G. Narayanamma Institute of Technology & Science for Women, Shaikpet, Hyderabad on 3rd March,2013.

. Served as a Resource Person at the UGC refreshers course at the Academic Staff College, University of Hyderabad, and conducted session on “Syllabus and Curriculum” and “Multiple-Intelligences” on 16th and 17th January 2015.

Other interests

Work for the community:

• Chairman of the Creche Committee (Office Order No.CIEFL/Admn.F/937/2001/306, dated 23 August, 2001, I have to look after the creche along with others at C.I.E.F.L.

• I worked in a project organized by the Institute of Psychological and Educational Research, Calcutta on “Child Labour”. I organized Sunday schools for them and took voluntary classes during summer vacation (May-June) and Christmas Holidays (December) every year. At Hyderabad, I have started interacting with “AnandBharathi”, and “Centre for Learning”, and “Centre for Special Education”.

• I often go and spend some time with the Aged Senior Citizens at “Home for the Aged”, Vanaprastha Ashram, organized by the Ramkrishna Math, Domalguda, Hyderabad.


Organized various cultural programmes at CIEFL.

Participated in Collaborative Projects.

Participated in Photography Competitions.

Participated in Workshops on Drama.

Participated in Workshops on Batik and Handicrafts.

Fond of Music.



Reading, particularly on human values.

Extra-Curricular Activity.

 On 1st July 2012, interviewed Ms.UshaGanguly a famous Theatre Personality for E.M.R.C

 On 2nd July 2012, Prof.JuluSen was a participant in workshop on ‘Rhythm in Theatre’ conducted by Ms.UshaGanguly, Director, Rangakarmee, held at the English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad, India.

 On 9th October 2012, I was the Judge at a Debate Competition at ‘Cluster Level K.V.S. Social Science Exhibition cum National Integration Camp’ Bowenpally.

 As Provost of the AmrithaPritam International Hostel for Women, I’M Multi-tasking all the time.

Associate Professor Dr Suvarna Lakshmi

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Assistant Professor Dr. Asma Rasheed

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