International Training Programme (ITP: PROGRESS TO PROFICIENCY)

The English and Foreign Languages University is a renowned training centre for foreign professionals seeking to improve their proficiency in English. Acknowledging the university’s outstanding contribution to teacher training and education, the Ministry of External Affairs entrusted the university with the responsibility of designing and organizing international training programmes. Accordingly, the curriculum experts of the university designed an on-site, face-to-face, training programme to be delivered to participants from all over the world. The International Training Programme received its impetus from the ITEC scholarships offered by the Ministry of External Affairs, Government of India, to developing countries in Africa, South Asia, South East Asia, Central Asia, and South America. The Programme has been hugely successful and has enabled hundreds of foreign nationals of different professions (such as ministers, members of parliament, secretaries, diplomats, teachers, doctors, pilots, police officers, lawyers, auditors, journalists and government officials) from over 100 countries across the globe to attend courses in English at this university. The International Training Programme (ITP) offers the course Progress to Proficiency at three levels----Basic, Intermediate and Advanced----three times a year. (June-September, September-December, January-March) Each course is of 12 weeks duration. It also offers need-based short-term Proficiency cum Professional Development Courses for teachers on request from embassies / agencies forwarded by the Ministry of External Affairs, GOI.

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