Training and Development

The Department of Training and Development has a very distinctive teaching role mandated - we are responsible for designing and organising in-service teacher development programmes to teachers of English at various levels. Currency and relevance of our programmes are ensured through dedicated attention paid to design of courses that are need-specific.

In addition to proven-effective teacher training modules like classroom methodology, materials design, and assessment, our programmes help teachers update their knowledge through modules like role of mother tongue in second language teaching, social justice in the classroom, culturally responsive pedagogy, skills development, etc.

Further, our programmes aim to develop competency in contemporary teaching by offering components like use of multimedia, strategy training, differentiated instruction, strategies to deal with slow learners and learners with learning disabilities, etc. on a need-to-know basis. Read More

Highly customised training programmes that enable teachers of English to be providers of sustainable and responsive education is the reason why our courses are much sought-after by governmental and non-governmental organisations alike.

Some of our international training programmes were for teachers from Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. >

At the national level, most recent were for teacher groups from:

• FLAIR (Fostering linkages in academic innovations and research)

• APSWREIS (Andhra Pradesh social welfare residential educational

• Kendriya Vidyalaya

• Bhopal ELTISS

• Afghanistan

For more information/ enquiries, please contact

The department faculty also teach on regular University programmes. The courses our members offer range from undergraduate, postgraduate, postgraduate diploma to research levels. Some of the courses offered by the faculty are:

1. Teacher as Classroom Researcher (PhD)

2. Trainer Training (PGDTE)

3. Hypertext Reading (MA)

4. Use of Web 2.0 tools (MA)

5. Online language learning (MA)

6. Short Training Programmes for Teachers of English Teachers (MA)

7. History of Language Teaching (MA)

8. Multiculturalism (MA)

9. Oral Communication Skills (BA)

10. Academic Reading (BA)

11. Reading – Intermediate and Advanced (ITP)

Making striding contributions, the faculty also supervise research within and across new areas like learning in multicultural settings, CALL, digital literacy, inclusive education, Neuro linguistic programming, etc.

Professor Dr. S. Mohanraj

Contact Details

Telephone: 09849993439


I studied in the University of Mysore and obtained my M A (Eng) degree in 1973. PGDTE in 1979, M Litt in 1980 (CIEFL) Completing my PhD in 1986 (Sardar Patel University)


a. 1993 to date: CIEFL/EFLU

b. 1980 – 1993: H M Patel Institute of English Training and Research, Vallabh Vidyanagar

c. 1974 – 1980: Sarada Vilas College, Mysore

d. 1973 – 1974: Bharathi College, K M Doddi, Mandya Dist.

Research Interests

Materials Development,

Teacher Education

Education Technology



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19. ‘Empowering Learners in the English Classroom’ in English Classroom June 2003. (pp 64 – 72) Bangalore, RIESI

20. ‘Profiling a Satellite Learner’ in English Classroom December 2006 Bangalore, RIESI (pp 1-12)

Appeared in Newspapers and magazines:

1. 1992 ‘Being on the Right Path’ in SPICMACAY Fest Vol. 1992 V V Nagar

2. 1994 ‘Where Do We Go From Here?’ in PTA Souvenir K V No 1, Uppal Hyderabad

3. Jan 1997 ‘Guru With a Mission’ in Dignity Dialogue Vol. 2 No 9 Bombay

4. 8-2-1997 ‘In the city of Pearls and Learning’ in A P Times, Hyderabad

5. 19-4-1997 ‘A Bridge for Passing’ A P Times, Hyderabad

6. August 1998 to May 1999 (with Jayashree Mohanraj) a weekly column

English for You in The New Indian Express, Hyderabad Edition

Book Reviews:

1. 1990 Hosali P and R Tongue, (1989) A Dictionary of Collocations for Indian Users of English, Hyderabad, Vipla Publishers in JEFL 6, Dec 1990

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1. 1995 (With Dr Rao Bhargavi) A New Approach to Spoken English, Panchajanya Publications, Hyderabad

2. 2001 (with Jayashree Mohanraj) English On Line, Hyderabad, Orient Longman

Course Books

1 1988 English Standard III (Gandhinagar, Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks)

2 1989 English Standard IV (Gandhinagar, Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks)

3 1991 English Standard VIII (Gandhinagar, Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks)

4 1993 English Standard X (Gandhinagar, Gujarat State Board of School Textbooks)

5 1991 Gomanta Bharati Delhi, OUP (along with workbook)

6 1997 IMPACT (Course books and workbooks in English for Classes VI to VIII) Madras, B I Publishers

7 1998 IMPACT (Course books and workbooks in English for Classes I to V) Madras, B I Publishers

8 1999 My English Workbook Course books in English for Classes III and IV SCERT AP

9. 2006 Course books in English Classes 1 to 4 for the state of Karnataka, DSERT, Bangalore.

10. New Series on ELT under preparation for a private publisher. (name withheld for reasons of confidentiality.)

Edited :

JEFL (Journal of English as Foreign Language) currently Editor ELTiP Newsletter : A Quarterly Newsletter of the ELTiP Association, a TDG in Gujarat for four years 1990 –1993

Awards and Memberships

Fellow of Salzburg College, Austria

Fellow of East West Centre, Hawaii

TESOL Fellow

Conferences, seminars, lectures, invited talks

International :

1. 1997 November Salzburg Seminar : A Conference of Teachers of English Title of the Paper : ‘Collapsing Horizons : Using Multimedia for Teacher Training. (Nov 19 – 22, 1997) Salzburg, Austria

2. 1999 RELC Seminar. Title of the Paper : Textbook Production : An Indian Perspective’ 19 –22 April 1999 Singapore

3. 2000 ELTeCS – South Asia Conference held at Cochin, March 8 – 10 2000

4. 2001 (Jan) World Congress: World Languages in Multilingual Contexts Jan 3- 7, 2001, CIEFL, Hyderabad. Title of the Paper : Indigenous Language Software Development: An Indian Approach.

5. 2001 (Feb) Workshop on English Language Education : Feb 14-28, 2001 East-West Centre, Honolulu, Hawaii. Feb 14-28, 2001

6. 2003 (Feb) Director, National Seminar on Teaching English at the Primary Level

7. 2005 May, International Seminar of English Language Teachers at Sana’a , Yemen Paper on Using Literature for Language Teaching.

8. 2006 May, International Seminar of English Language Teachers at Sana’a, Yemen, Presented a paper on Shakespeare and Letter Writing.

9. 2006 November, Attended the International TESOL Convention at Shantou University, China and participated in discussions.

National :

Eight papers at the Annual Conference of the All India Association for Education Technology. Some of these papers have been published.

1990 : National Seminar On Teaching English: An Indian Perspective held at H M Patel Institute of English Training and Research, Vallabh Vidyanagar, (April 3-5) Title of the paper : Group work : Problems and Possibilities.

1992 : National Seminar on Large Classes : CIEFL Hyderabad. (August 1992) Title of the Presentation : Handling Large Classes : Some Practical Suggestions.(This paper has been since published)

1999 National Seminar of Teacher Educators : College of Education, OU Hyderabad (Feb 1999) Title of the presentation : Educational Technology in Teacher Training

National Seminar on Spoken English : CIEFL Hyderabad (1-2 Dec 1999) Title of the presentation : Teaching Spoken English : Some useful techniques.

World Congress at CIEFL Hyderabad, presented two papers (i) Translation in Language Teaching, and (ii) Using Educational Technology in the Classroom.

November organized a National Seminar on the Teaching of English at the Primary level. The proceeds of the seminar is being published in the form of a book.

2006 December Participated in a National Seminar held at Regional Institute of English, Bangalore and presented a paper on ‘Profiling a Satellite Classroom Learner’

Research Thesis Adjudication

Other interests

Stamp collecting, Listening to Music, Theatre and sports

Professor Dr. Jayasree Mohanraj


BA, MA (Berhampur University)
PhD (SP University)
), PGDTE (CIEFL)PG Trg& Dev (ISTD,New Delhi)

Contact Details

Telephone: : 040-27689547


I completed my MA in 1973 and joined as a lecturer in the Odisha Govt. Service. I obtained my Ph.D in 1993. I have taught in different States of India, and in Universities in Africa, Yemen and Oman. I have specialises in English Language Teaching, Teacher Education and Communication Skills. I have published several research papers in national and international journals and presented papers in National and International conferences in several Asian and European countries. I am a Salzburg Fellow and recipient of TESOL Ruth Crymes award in 2010 at Boston(USA). I have been been a Resource Person at ASCI, IRMA and NDDB and a member of the Board of Studies (English) JNTU-Kakinada, Andhra University and Gitam University of Technology. My special interest is in developing Language and Communication Skills in the students of Professional Courses. I have conducted courses in soft skills for Revenue Officials, Executives in the Corporate Sector and Police Officials in Andhra Pradesh. She is an established translator and is on the Panel of Kendra Sahitya Akademi. I have a working knowledge in eight languages. I have authored and edited a dozen ELT books and five books of translations of literary works from Telugu and Odia into English.


Teaching Experience: 1974 to 1982 Collegiate Services, Government of Orissa

1986 to 1994 H M Patel Institute of English Training and Research Vallabh Vidyanagar , Gujarat

2003(Dec)- 2004(Sept) Overseas assignment as Professor at Eritrea Institute of Technology, Asmara, Eritrea.

2004(Oct)- (July)2006 University of Taiz, Yemen

2010(Feb- May) Sultan Qaboos University, Muscat

1996 to date CIEFL- English and Foreign Languages University, Hyderabad.

Research Interests

Teacher Development Communication Skills ESP Project work Translation Studies

Research Projects :

1. English for Journalists. UGC Minor Research Project 2000-2001.

2. H R Challenges of Change in a National Educational Institution: In part fulfilment of Diploma in Training and Development, ISTD 2003.

Research Supervision:

Recognised supervisor at M.Phil. and Ph.D. levels at CIEFL/EFLU

a. M.Phil. 12 students have been awarded degree.

b. Ph.D. 12 students have registered and 7 have been awarded the degree.


1. Pedagogic Treasure Trove (Ed): EFLU Publications, Hyderabad 2009.

2. Life, Language and Culture Explorations -1&2(Eds): Cengage,New Delhi. 2011;2012.

3. Step by Step (Eds): Pearson Longman, New Delhi. 2011;2012.

4. Speak Well (Eds): Orient Blackswan, New Delhi. 2012.

5. Beejamantra and Other Stories (Ed): Authorspress, ISBN 978-81-7273-935-5. 2014.

6. Skill Sutras: Modern Communication and Ancient Wisdom ; Prism Books Pvt. Ltd. ISBN 978-81-7286-767-6 Bengaluru 2015.

Awards and Memberships

Recipient of Ruth Crymes Award 2010 at the TESOL Annual Convention, 24-27 March 2010; Boston, USA.

Membership: TESOL

Conferences, seminars, lectures, invited talks


1. ‘Innovations in Teacher Education’ at the TESOL Annual Convention, Boston 24-27 March 2010.

2. Willing Horses: Where’s the Water?Primary Teacher Education in the Indian Subcontinent (with Darshana Samaraweera,Tika Ram Bhatta,Megha Juneja), TEC 2011, British Council and EFLU, Hyderabad, March 2011.

3. ‘Duckiling? No, Swan!’ : Teaching of Spoken English by Non-native Teachers to Non-native Learners’ Keynote address at the International Conference on English Language (ICEL 2013) held at the Bandar Lampung University Indonesia 29-30 January 2013.

4. ‘Unity in Diversity in Non-native Speakers’ English’ invited speaker at English Education-UNS International TEFL Conference Sebelas Maret University, Indonesia May 18, 2013.


1. ‘Task Based Instruction’ Invited Speaker at the National Seminar on English Language Teaching: Theory and Praxis: Topic Vikrama Simhapuri University, Nellore. 4-5 November 2009.

2. ‘Reshaping Teacher Education- Some Thoughts and some Questions’. National Seminar on Quality Education at EFLU, Hyderabad 16-17 November 2009.

3. ‘Workplace Communication : Educational Institutions as Preparatory Platforms’ Keynote address at the National seminar on Workplace Communication: Strategies For Competence Building;, ITER, SOA University, Bhubaneswar. December 22 – 23, 2011.

4. Communication Skills in our Culture: Inaugural Address for the E-Plus Club at Sri Krishna Chaitanya Technical College, Markapuram October 22, 2011.

5. Culture and Communication: International Seminar on ELT and Communication, SIE Trissur, Kerala 9-11 February 2012.

6. Keynote address ‘Teaching English in India: Need for a Cap that Fits the Head’ at the UGC Sponsored National Seminar on Teaching Functional English to Indian Undergraduates: Challenges and Opportunities ; Indira Gandhi Women’s College Cuttack Odisha. 27-28 Dec 2014.

Professor Dr. P. Ajit Kumar

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Professor Dr. K. Venkat Reddy

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Assistant Professor Ms. Madhumeeta Sinha


I. Sc. & BA from Ranchi University
MA from Bihar University, Muzaffarpur.
)PhD in “Feminist Documentary Film Making in India”

Contact Details

Telephone: : 8332807930


I did my I. Sc. & BA from Ranchi University and MA from Bihar University, Muzaffarpur.

Am completing my PhD in “Feminist Documentary Film Making in India”


I joined EFL University from 2009. In 2012 I received an International Fellowship in Munich University for Applied sciences, Munich for a semester and I taught at the UG & PG classes there.

Research Interests

My current area of research are literature, education, documentary cinema, media, and feminist theory

Awards and Memberships

1. Member of Indian Association of Women’s Studies.

2. EC member of Anveshi Research Centre for Women’s Studies, Hyderabad.

Conferences, seminars, lectures, invited talks

1. Conducted two sessions on “Media & Gender” & “Rethinking Representation” for a Refresher Course in Women’s Studies at University of Hyderabad.

2. Was a resource person at Shivaji University, Kolhapur for a seminar on “Gender Studies: Emerging Issues in a Global Perspective” on “Gender & Media” in Jan 2015.

3. Was a resource person at the workshop for research students at UoH in Jan 2015.

4. Presented a paper “Visual Evidence” an international conference on documentary cinema in December 2014.

Assistant Professor Dr. Sheba Victor

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Assistant Professor Dr. Kshema Jose

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Assistant Professor Ms. Sharada Mani N

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