The All-India English Language Testing Authority (AIELTA) is the testing arm of the University. AIELTA’s goals are:

• To produce standardized tests at various levels to measure functional abilities in English

• To offer consultancy services to public and private sector organizations; and

• To respond to the needs of state and central agencies as well as institutions at secondary and tertiary levels of education throughout the country.

AIELTA develops and designs English language proficiency tests to enable students in colleges and Universities, as well as people in the workforce to assess their proficiency in English for their educational and professional needs. AIELTA tests are specially tailor-made for use in the Indian context. Developed by experts at the EFL University, these tests can be taken by anyone who is sixteen years and above, regardless of their educational qualifications or employment status. AIELTA also develops tests on demand for organisations that require a diagnostic tool to measure the language abilities of their employees.

Prof. Lina Mukhopadhyay