Romantic Modernities
1) About the Cluster

This cluster envisages an interdisciplinary, international and interculturally oriented investigationinto the salient features of Romanticism presupposing reenactments and remodellings of its diverse elements in (post)modern cultures and practices from the angles of Philosophy, Literature, Ecology and Pedagogy. It studies the streams that distinguish modernities and becomes perceptible in the Romantic movements. Such movements and trends in Europe are sought to be examined comparatively, to explore how Romanticisms emerged, developed, transformed and became revived in different literatures and forms of art and whether there are explicitly practical and also, philosophical versions of Romanticism in the debates that cover the time span attributed to Romanticism in Europe and India, and, also its impact in the later periods. For many contemporary students and researchers, this term is granted for a static phenomenon that only has links to a historical past. That past is the time of August W. Schlegel, Novalis, Friedrich Schlegel, Tieck und Eichendorff, Wordsworth, Coleridge, Chateaubriand etc. when the discussions laid the basis of the concept of Romanticism.

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