The faculty members and students are permitted to borrow books from the general section for home reading. Theses, journals, reference books have to be referred within the library only. The total number of books which can be borrowed by each category of library users is as follows:
Total Number of Books
Faculty Members 20 Books
Ph.D Scholars 10 Books
M.A./B.A. Students 5 Books
Group 'A' Officers 10 Books
Non-Teaching Staff 2 Books
Retired Teaching Staff 4 Books
Retired Non-Teaching Staff 2 Books

The book(s) are issued for a maximum period of four months to the faculty members and one month (i.e. 30 days) for students. Production of identity card is mandatory for the issue of book(s). The library reserves the right to call back book(s) when required by other members of the library.