Library Services



Photocopy:Members desirous of taking photocopies of articles from books and journals held in the library collection are permitted to get them done in the Photocopy Unit. Photocopy facility is provided subject to the provisions of ‘The copyright Act 1957’ and ‘The Copyright (Amendment) Act 2012’. Photocopying of a full book or full issue(s) of journals is not permitted.

Circulation: The faculty members and students are permitted to borrow books from the general section for home reading. Theses, journals, reference books have to be referred within the library only. The total number of books which can be borrowed by each category of library users is as follows.

Members Total Number of Books
Faculty Members 20 books
Ph.D Scholars 10 books
M.A./B.A. Students 5 books
Group ‘A’ Officers 10 books
Non-Teaching Staff 2 books
Retired Teaching Staff 4 books
Retired Non-Teaching Staff 2 books

The books are issued for a maximum period of three months to the faculty members and one month for students. Production of identity card is mandatory for the issue of books. The library reserves the right to call back book(s) when required by other members of the library.

Readers’ Assistance Unit: The information desk is located on the ground floor of the library. It supports the following services.

  • • To assist in locating books in the stack areas.
  • • To assist in getting required books on a particular subject/concept.
  • • To assist in getting required books on a particular subject/concept.

Inter-library Loan: The Library on specific request from the faculty members and students gets gooks on Inter-library Loan from other Libraries. The books received on Inter-library Loan have to be returned within fifteen days’ time for returning to the donor library

Section for Differently Abled Students: Library has a separate section for the differently abled students. Computers with internet facility and scanners are provided in this section to assist the students to access the required information for their academic and research work. User friendly lamps are provided to help physically challenged students access library facilities.

Wi-Fi Services: The entire library is provided with Wi-Fi facility to facilitate the students to access e-resources from the laptop computers.

Reading Hall Facilities: To assist the library users to make use of the reading materials held in the library collection, three air-conditioned reading halls are earmarked for this purpose. In addition, there is a separate 24 x 7 reading hall in the first floor of the library with a separate entrance. The total seating capacity in these reading halls is nearly 100.